• Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Bui Thi Phuong Thuy

    The implementation of social justice towards human development in Vietnam at present is defined as specific actions carried out by the whole political system, social forces and organisations and Vietnamese people in line with their function, position and role in order to make social justice contents realistic in the social life, mainly in the economic, social, cultural and political areas.

  • Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Pham Van Giang

    The Vietnamese working class, with the vanguard as the Communist Party of Vietnam, is the leading class, and the main driving force of the revolutionary cause ot national liberation in the past as well as in the cause of building socialism today

  • Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Nguyen Thi Hanh

    The law on the autonomy and self-responsibility of local authorities, which include all legal norms issued by competent State authorities, is aiming at enabling local governments to make decisions and take responsibility for all public affairs within the limits laid down by the laws,...