Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Phan Van Tuan

    15:45 13/09/2017


    Title: "Participation methods of people in the public policy process in Vietnam nowadays (via studying new rural construction policy)”

    Field of Study: Politics studies; Code: 62 31 02 01

    PhD Candidate: Phan Van Tuan

    Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sc. Phan Xuan Son

    Training institution: Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics


    1. ITie quantity and quality of people involved in the public policy process, to a certain degree, reflects the democratic nature of the society and the mastery capacity of the people. In the contemporary political life of each nation, the role of people in the process of public policy is increasing, reflecting the inevitable objective development trend of the increasingly extensive integration and globalization era. In this process, if there is a democratic mechanism to mobilize people's participation in the process of public policy, it will certainly produce many suitable and feasible policies that are in line with the will of the people, effective in economic development - society of the country.
    2. The research practice of the new rural development policy indicates some inadequacies in the people's participation in the public policy process, including: 1) in the process of practical implication, the task of ensuring the right to participate in the policy process (participation in information provision and reception, participation in decision­making, participation in policy implementation, participation in monitoring and evaluating policies) has not been as effective as expected. 2) Hie factors (subjective and objective) influencing the way people participate in the process of public policy for new rural construction have not really played a positive role in this process.
    3. In order to improve the way people participate in the public policy process through studying new rural construction policy in Vietnam. On the one hand, it is necessary to firmly grasp the views and guidelines of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nam. spirit and content of the new Constitution in 2013 on building the rule of law. promoting socialist democracy and the people's mastery. On the other hand, a number of basic solutions need to be implemented synchronously, out of which the following groups of solutions should be especially concerned: 1) Solutions to improve the way people participate in the public policy process; 2) Group of solutions to improve the influencing factors (subjective and objective) on people's participation methods in the public policy process.