• Culture with sustainable development of the country

    By the end of the 20th century, socio-economic development, especially the large-scale global financial crisis posed a demand for sustainable development. A series of issues were raised including relation between the growth and development, elements that ensure sustainable development and dialectical relations of those elements; the role of culture, guiding and organizing modes to ensure sustainable development. These issues must be addressed by each country in the world, including Vietnam.

  • Political innovation in Vietnam at present- an economic and political relation perspective

    Looking back on Vietnam’s 30 years of national renewal, the 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam pointed out that political innovation lagged behind economic innovation. Therefore, a practical urgent issue is to ensure political innovation on par with economic innovation. To do so, it is necessary, first of all, to clarify the relationship between economy and politics.

  • President Ho Chi Minh's 'Mass Mobilisation': theoretical and practical value

    President Ho Chi Minh used the pen name X.Y.Z. to write the 'Mass Mobilisation' article, which was published in the 120th edition of The Truth on 15 October 1949. Although this is an article, it is worth regarding as a great work because of its great erudition and theoretical, practical value. This work has a timeless quality and is pregnant with direction in the Party building in general and the mass mobilisation work in particular at the present time.