Political Theory, contents – issue no 10-2020

    13:08 05/10/2020


    3.       Le Ngoc Hung: The relationship between economic growth and cultural building in sustainable development in Vietnam

    13.     Bui Phuong Dinh: The role of sociology in public governance

    18.     Dinh Van Thuy: Studying and following the core values of Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style of cadres and party members presently

    24.     Le Thi Thanh Ha: Marxist - Leninist view on the relationship between socialist democracy and proletarian dictatorship: Meaning for Vietnam today

    31.     Le Van Ri: Renovating the organizational apparatus of the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations at district level

    39.     Nguyen Thanh Minh: Planning and implementing Vietnam's maritime policy in the new situation

    43.     Bui Thi Phuong Lien: Improve public service ethics to meet the requirements of national development

    51.     Nguyen Phuong Nhung: Implementing the law on the rights of the elderly

              CADRE TRAINING

    57.     Nguyen Dinh Hoa: Training for civil servants of Hanoi's administrative agencies

              FIGURES AND EVENTS

    64.     Tran Minh Truong: Leader Nguyen Ai Quoc with Nghe - Tinh Soviet revolutionary movement


    69.     Tran Nguyen Tuyen: Prominent trends in the world due to the COVID -19 pandemic and its impacts on Vietnam in the coming time

    76.     Vu Thi Loan: Building a team of leaders and managers at the provincial level - Key factors for sustainable development of Dak Nong province

    82.     Nguyen Thi Thanh Dzung: Current situation of land conflicts in ethnic minority areas in Vietnam today

    88.     Ha Thi Van Anh - Nguyen Thi Quynh Anh: Movement trend of foreign direct investment - Opportunities and challenges for Bac Ninh province

    97.     Le Thi Thuy An: Implementation of ethnic policy towards ethnic minority areas in Tra Vinh province - Current situation and solutions

    103.   Nguyen The Vinh: The influence of Buddhism on the spiritual life of Hanoi people


    110.   Tran Thi Anh Dao - Nguyen Mau Hanh: Some solutions to protect the Party's ideological foundation, fight against wrong and hostile views on social networks

    117.   Hoang Thi Quyen: Protecting national sovereignty in cyberspace in the digital age


    124.   Tran Tuan Son - Vu Duc Tho: The U.S. Maritime Security Initiative (MSI) for Southeast Asia

    131.   Trinh Xuan Thang: Experience of some countries in implementing public service delivery projects in the form of public-private partnerships and suggestions for Vietnam


    Author: BBT