Political Theory, contents – issue no 12-2020

    09:46 28/12/2020


    6. HO TRONG HOAI - DOI VAN TANG: F.Engels and the construction and development of scientific socialism 
    8. LE HAI BINH: Implementing Ho Chi Minh’s humane ideology and bringing into full play Vietnam’s national strength in the new era 
    16. LETHICHIEN: F.Engels’great devotion to Marxism and international workers’ movement 
    23. TRAN THI MINH TUYET: Ho Chi Minh value system: Its connotation and meaning to the national cause of building and protecting the socialist Vietnam 
    30. KHUATTRONG NAM: Improving political cultural for cadres and party members as part of constructing a transparent and strong political apparatus 
    35. LE VAN LOI: Improving training quality for researchers and lecturers majoring in Ho Chi Minh Thought 
    43. NGUYEN VINH THANH - VU VAN HAU: Identify current qualification applied to training curriculum and renovation of teaching method in Party schools 
    48. NGUYEN TAT GIAP - DO VAN QUAN: Social development and management of social development in Vietnam urban areas - Rising issues and solutions 
    55. LE NGOC HUNG - PHAM MINH ANH: Applying urbanization theory in studying social changes in Southwest Vietnam 
    62. HOANG THILAN: On current activities toundermine religion in ethnic groups 68. NGUYEN NGOC HOA: Culture and development of sustainable marine economy 
    73. NGUYEN THI NGA - DO THI VAN HA: Promote cultural soft power for sustainable development in Vietnam today 
    79. TRAN SY DUONG - HA THI THUY DUONG: Ordinance on exercise of democracy in communes, wards and townships and the progress of corruption prevention 
    85. TRAN THI HUONG: The rolesand characteristics of Vietnam working class in the national industrialization and modernization period 
    90. LE XUAN TUNG: Reality of implementing human right-based approach in current development policy planning in Vietnam 
    96. DINH THI HUONG GIANG: Obstacles in building digital government in Vietnam 
    101. NGUYEN THI HONG MINH: Vietnam’s political culture and how it cope with COVID-19 pandemic 
    108. BUITHILONG: Implementing children protection laws on cyberspace 
    114. HOANG NGOC SON: Improving awareness and accountability for military officers assigned with religious-related tasks 
    119. PHAM VAN GIANG: Working class’ historical mission and the working- class nature of the Communist Party of Vietnam 
    126. NGUYEN THITHU HUYEN: Criticizing some wrong and hostile views on socialism and thepath to socialism in Vietnam 
    133. NGUYEN THI MINH THAO: The traditional and close-knitted relations between French Communist Party and Vietnam Communist Party 

    Author: BBT