Political Theory No 11, Dec, 2016

    10:56 19/04/2018



    3. NGUYEN THIEN NHAN: Promoting great national unity, successfully building and firmly safeguarding the Fatherland in the present context

    9. PHAM MINH CHINH: New viewpoints on, and solutions to, Party building in the Party’s 12th Congress Documents

    19. NGUYEN XUAN THANG: New arguments about the ongoing development of the socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam

    24. NGUYEN VAN MANH: The 2013 Constitution and the Party’s 12th Congress Documents on the control of state power

    33. NGUYEN TRONG PHUC: Ho Chi Minh’s thought of independence and freedom: The unity between national and human rights

    40. TRAN VAN PHONG: The 12th Party Congress’ views on socio-economic development for 2016-2020

    46. DINH NGOC QUY: Ho Chi Minh’s viewpoints on the building and development of Vietnamese culture


    53. DO THI THACH: The role and position of women intellectuals in sustainable development: Hindrances and solutions

    59. LAM BA NAM - DAU TUAN NAM: Vietnamese - Chinese cross-border ethnic relations and sustainable development in the Northwest of Vietnam

    66. NGUYEN THI PHUONG THAO: Migration from rural to urban areas: Housing and social security issues


    73. PHAM HONG CHUONG: Huynh Thuc Khang: The political portrait of an intellectual


    79. NGUYEN HUNG HAU: Some limitations of the Vietnamese in the context of international integration

    83. PHAM THI THANH TINH: Non-traditional security and the role of the media in Vietnam

    88. MACH QUANG THANG: New contexts and some priorities in the current relationship between Vietnam and India

    95. LE KIM VIET: Promoting the role of people in the prevention and control of corruption and moral - lifestyle degeneration among government officials and Party members

    100. General Contents of 2016


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