Political Theory, contents – issue no 1-2020

    14:08 16/01/2020


    3.       NGUYEN TRONG PHUC: 90 years of the foundation and development of the Communist Party of Vietnam: The cognition of socialism and the socialist path

    9.       LAM QUOC TUAN - NGUYEN TRONG BINH: Contexts and new requirements for supplementing and developing Marxist-Leninist theory on the Party and Party building

    15.     DINH NGOC QUY: Hoang Van Thu: The outstanding leader of the Party and revolution of Vietnam

              THEORY RESEARCH

    20.     TRAN VAN PHONG: The durability and epochal significance of Marxism - Leninism

    26.     LUU VAN SUNG: LSocialism and the unchanged socialist path in Vietnam

    31.     AN NHU HAI: SK.Marx’s theory on the relations between economic growth and social equality: Rising issues in Vietnam

    38.     TRINH XUAN THANG: V.I.Lenin’s views on state power control and its

    implementation in Vietnam

    46.     NGUYEN NHAM - LE THI TINH: Proactive involvement in Industrial Revolution 4.0 - Opportunities for Vietnam in “taking shortcut“ as a developmental strategy

    52.     NGUYEN THANH HAI: K.Marx‘s and F.Engels‘ unchanged values in military ideology


    59.     TRUONG MINH DUC: Combining marine economic development and protection of sea and island sovereignty: The key solutions for sustainable marine economic strategy

    67.     TRAN THANH TUAN: Challenges in digital economic development in Vietnam

    75.     DAO THI THANH THUY: Renovation and rearrangement of state apparatus in the political regime of Vietnam: Situation and issues

    80.     NGUYEN NGOC ANH: Vinh Phuc province to renovate and rearrange the

    political system for streamlined and well-performed apparatus

    87.     NGUYEN THANH MONG - PHAM NGOC HOA: Dong Thap province to carry out the Regulation on responsibility of rolemodel setting


    92.     TRUONG HO HAI: Protecting Marxist - Leninist viewpoints on the state against wrongful and negating arguments

    99.     NGUYEN VAN DANG: Social development in Vietnam: “Management“ or


    105.   PHAM VAN HOA: Young generation of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and the struggle against wrongful views against President Ho Chi Minh


    110.   HA MY HUONG: The Kurds in the Middle East and the tragedy of a nation

    117.   DO DUC MINH - CU VAN TRUNG: Populism and prevention of populist

    manifestations in Vietnam today

    126.   TRAN QUANG PHU: Smart city construction: International experiences and implication for Vietnam


    Author: BBT