Political Theory, contents – issue no 2-2020

    14:38 20/02/2020


    3.       NGUYEN XUAN THANG: Communist Party of Vietnam - Intelligence,

    Perseverance and Creation for National Independence and Socialism deserve a 90-year tradition

    8.       PHAN VAN RAN: The contributions of the Communist Party of Vietnam to the international communist and workers movement

    15.     VU HOANG CONG: 90 years of building the Party in terms of organization - Achievements and Experience

              THEORY RESEARCH

    21.     HOANG NGOC HOA: Proactively participate in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 - Opportunities, challenges and solutions of Vietnam

    26.     NGUYEN MINH TUAN: Initial results and experience through the implementation of Resolutions of the 12th Party Central Committee on organizational and

    personnel work

    32.     NGUYEN THI THOM: Vietnamese economic growth and poverty reduction: theory and practice

    38.     NGUYEN MINH PHUONG: Arranging and reorganizing public non-business units in Vietnam today

    44.     DAO DINH THUONG: Party members are religious - From V.I.Lenin’s viewpoint to the present practice

              CADRE TRAINING

    50.     TRAN SI PHAN: Some basic requirements to improve the effectiveness of

    research and study of the classic works of K.Marx and V.I.Lenin

    56.     NGUYEN MINH TRI: Ethical education for young people today and some

    effective solutions


    65.     DANG VAN CHAN: Enhancing the effectiveness of the coordination between the Central Party Inspection Committee of Police and Provincial Party Inspection Committee in the inspection, supervision and enforcement of the Party discipline

    70.     BUI VIET HUONG: Propaganda with population contributes to promoting the people's political participation

    76.     VU TRUONG GIANG: Developing a sustainable livelihood model based on the intellectual potential of ethnic minorities in the Northeastern provinces

    85.     PHAN THUAN: Challenges on the implementation of political gender equality policies in Vietnam

    92.     NGUYEN THI THAO: Implementing the role of being an example of district officials managed by the Provincial Standing Committee


    100.   VU VAN PHUC: Is Marxism-Leninism obsolete and not suitable for Vietnam?

    107.   NGUYEN THI QUE: Awareness of the struggle to protect the Party's ideological foundation in the field of current theory


    114.   NGUYEN VIET LAM: America's soft power during the time of President Donal Trump: Situation, impact and policy recommendations for Vietnam

    121.   AU THI TAM MINH: Democratic development in Cuba - Seen from the people's representative system

    125.   BUI DUC AN: Building trust in resolving disputes over sovereignty over sea and islands at present


    Author: BBT