Scientific workshop: identifying the digital economy and locating Vietnam’s position

    10:58 12/06/2019

    In the morning of April 9, 2019 in Hanoi, the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics chaired the scientific workshop “Identifying the digital economy and locating Vietnam’s position”. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Quoc Ly, Vice President of the Academy attended and chaired the workshop with the attendance of experts, scientists in and out of the Academy.

    The digital economy is deemed as one of the most important factors and plays an essential role for economic growth, creating a breakthrough for many countries. In that context, the workshop was organized to promote awareness and understanding of the digital economy, the status, roles and impacts, challenges and opportunities, as well as consider how to transform the potential into practice; consider how institutions, policies and regulations can be approached and transformed to keep up with the digital transformation for sustainable connectivity and growth; share opinions and experiences on how to support small and medium enterprises in taking advantage of the digital economy in various aspects such as e-commerce, technology, finance, innovation , etc ...

    Overview of the workshop

    Emphasizing the importance of digital economic development, Assoc. Dr. Le Quoc Ly, Vice President of the Academy said that the digital economy had been successfully implemented in some countries but was still a strange concept to others.

    Assoc. Dr. Le Quoc Ly, Vice President of the Academy said that the digital economy had also been mentioned and researched in Vietnam, making active commitments in implementing firm infrastructure of policies and technology to support digital economic development. However, in order to develop a successful digital economy in Vietnam, it is necessary to identify and thoroughly answer the following core points: (i) how should the digital economy be developed in the conditions of Vietnam?; (ii) what is the breakthrough to form and develop the digital economy? (iii) what are the resources, opportunities and challenges for digital economic development in Vietnam today?

    Assoc. Dr. Le Quoc Ly gave his opening speech at the workshop

    Regarding the digital economy in the context of 4.0, Assoc, Dr. Do Van Thanh, an expert from the Ministry of Planning and Investment said that with the foundation of the digital revolution, in general, the industrial revolution 4.0 helped to narrow the gap between the real world and the online world. It significantly contributes to the transition of the digital economy globally; allowing businesses in the region to integrate deeply to be in line with the long-term trend towards market liberalization and reduce trade barriers. However, the Government, enterprises and people also face many challenges in realizing the potential benefits of the digital economy. These problems may include: gaps and differences in legal regulations and infrastructure, poor infrastructure, poor technological adaptability, issues related to beliefs, security rights and transparency, limited understanding of differences in the access and adaptation to the development of technology of people in different countries...

    Concerning the policies of digital economic development in Vietnam from the aspect of e-commerce, the representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that over the past time, Vietnam has had a quite full legally-founded documents in this field. Specifically, Vietnam is among 78% of countries in the world to use electronic transactions in legal support. Vietnam is among 38% of countries having consumer protection policies; 45% of countries having a personal data protection policy and among 75% of countries having the Law on Cybersecurity. However, e-commerce in Vietnam still has many limitations, barriers and is unable to catch up with the world, especially, consumer belief in e-commerce is not high, ... With that said , the representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade also mentioned some basic solutions to develop e-commerce including focusing on completing policy institutions; applying the management in accordance with the industrial revolution 4.0; boosting the application of information technology to management, exploitation and operation of infrastructure systems of the entire economy; boosting the development of digital infrastructure ...

    At the workshop, experts and scientists focused on clearly identifying the content, nature, characteristics and core points of the digital economy; conditions, opportunities, challenges, breakthroughs and policies for Vietnam to successfully develop a digital economy, ... The workshop outcomes will be summarized and refined by the Organization Team for the drafting of the 13th National Party Congress document as well as consulting the Party and the State.

    Experts and scientists took photos at the workshop

    News: Bui Thanh; Photo: Manh Thang

    Author: Translator: Thuy Ngan/ Proofreader: Nguyen Thi Viet Nga